Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy the look around and see the site as a fun experience. I photograph a huge variety of subjects, well to be honest I will photograph anything, I like new subjects they tend to stir the imagination and thus give me a new lease of life with regards to my images.

I use a variety of camera’s lenses and imaging software to get the results I desire, whether working at pace in a high pressure environment such as a wedding or milling along at my own pace in a field in the middle of nowhere, I enjoy every aspect of photography, from capture to print.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site, please look around and if you like what you see then please share my link with others, if you don’t then why not inform us, your feedback would more than likely improve this site.


Welcome to the world as seen through my camera.

Images from my latest shoot Michaels Stag Day Shoot are now available on this link. You will require a password, this is only obtained from Michael only.